Live 360°

Total Media VR specializes in the production of live multi-camera 360° video. David Robinson shares insights on 360° / VR broadcasts and live 360°.

The Importance of Spatial Audio

HEAR360 founders Matt Marrin and Greg Morgenstein discuss the inner workings of spatial audio and the HEAR360 8ball omni-binaural microphone.

The Future of Sound

Immersive technologies can transport human beings pretty easily. Realising how easy it is to take someone’s brain and convince them that they are doing something else, are somewhere else or feeling something, is pretty powerful. It has the ability to educate exponentially quicker than other methods of technology and it can make things feel more real than anything else. Recognizing how powerful that is, you know it’s here to stay, it just needs to be taken seriously.

The Next Great Disruptor

I have been giving a lot of thought to what I believe is the next great disruptive wave for all of us. The next great disruptive game changer is AR/VR and MR and discrete immersive surround sound rendered on headphones. Think about it! Surround for every woman and man, on your cell phone, tablet, or computer. It will be totally portable and simple.